Emanuele Amodei

General Director
Palazzo Spinelli Istituto per l'Arte e il restauro

Florence, Italy

Born in Siena on 28 August 1972, I graduated in Economics and Marketing at the University of Florence in 1999 and went on to do a Masters degree in Management of Cultural Heritage. I have held the role of General Director of the Institute of Art and Restoration “Palazzo Spinelli” of Florence for the last 10 years.

This role has given me the opportunity of working every day at the core of this important sector, managing fields such as techniques of conservation and restoration of paintings on canvas and wood, antique furniture, frescoes, stone, ceramics, archaeological finds, ancient books and paper. I also specialized in new technologies connected to the management and evaluation of cultural heritage, the VET system linked to art, restoration, conservation and design, the safeguarding of the cultural identity of peoples and, above all, the need to share acknowledgment across the sector (students, professors, companies, artisans, scientists, etc.).

This is the driving force behind my work in coordinating European and trans-national projects of training and research in art and restoration (Artis and Argos, Plaster Architecture, The Other Egypt, Reseltam, Reseltam2, Sismile, Cicero Creative industries). My ongoing cooperation with different European and non European Institutes is giving me the chance to create operative networks, focusing on new professional practices and developing new educational programs in the sector.

Since 2009, I am also responsible for the management of the “Biennial Art and Restoration Fair of Florence”. Since 2012 I am vice-president of the CSP Consortium of restoration enterprises under the Italian Minister and chamber of commerce and Industry.

Beulingstraat 8
1017 BA Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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Email: info@elia-artschools.org

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