Lars Rosendahl

Production Coordinator and Secretary for Leader Group & Executive Leaders 
The Danish National School of Performing Arts
Copenhagen, Denmark

The Danish National School of Theatre is a vocational institution for higher education with 120 students educating directors, scenographers , theatre technicians, actors, dancers and choreographers. We produce approx 25 full scale productions a year.

Since 2000 I have been employed as production coordinator responsible for logistic and budgets including a key position in planning the interdisciplinary practical work for all the education directions. Furthermore I am the secretary for the leader group, and for the last four years also for the executive leaders. I have been the school’s ELIA representative since 2002. I do not have any pedagogical responsibilities, but I am what one could call a civil servant and facilitator.

My work as secretary and representative in ELIA has given me a solid understanding of the implementation of the Bologna declaration throughout Europe and the EEA, as well – as an insight into the challenges created by Bologna. This field of work has given me interest in education politics and the challenges created by the differences between vocational artistic higher educations and universities with more academic founded educations.

At this very moment our The Danish National School of Theatre and Contemporary Dance is in the process of preparing accreditation in 2015 in cooperation with The Danish Ministry of Culture, a process which I am also part of.

Beulingstraat 8
1017 BA Amsterdam
The Netherlands

T: +31 (0)20 330 1116
F: +31 (0)20 626 7751

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