Ljiljana Mrkić Popović

University of Arts in Belgrade

Belgrade, Serbia

Ljiljana Mrkic Popovic is professor at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Department of Acting. As a Dean of the Faculty of Dramatic Arts from 1996 to 2002 she started Department of Sound design, opened Student Theater with the regular repertory, constructed film and TV studios, published 19 editions and obtained significant donations.

Working as a speech coach in significant theaters in Belgrade and Serbia in more than 400 plays, she focused on three major points - contemporary speech standard, functional dialect model and modern expression of classical versification.

Elected for Rector of the University of Arts in Belgrade from 2009 she achieved the accreditation process for 70 study programs, launched new interdisciplinary Joint Master program in International Performance research, realized International Summer Art Schools (mural, floor mosaic and sculptures as results), initiated new cycle of scientific research in arts, established the University Student Festival FESTUM, signed cooperation agreements with 15 universities, published 12 editions and opened new posts to improve activities of the Senate and the Council. Since 2010, as a member of the ELIA Representative Board, she organized the Regional meeting in Belgrade in 2013 and proposed 5 new ELIA members.

Prof. Dr Ljiljana Mrkic Popovic is re-elected for three years mandate 2012-2015 for Rector of the University of Arts in Belgrade unanimously by secret voting. She was awarded the most renowned Vuk Prize in 2010 for her outstanding contribution to development of culture in Serbia.

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