Marjanne Paardekooper 

Director International  Relations 

University of the Arts Utrecht (HKU)
Utrecht, Netherlands

In the past five years I have been active as Programme Manager Creative Design for Development and Research Moderator at HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, with a special focus on R&D projects for Art and Technology, Music and Technology and Art and Economics in Tanzania, Zambia, Ghana, Vietnam, Indonesia, South Korea and Costa Rica.

Since 2013 I am Director International Relations at HKU responsible for the overall international strategy development. HKU seeks to make critical connections between educational, research and industry-based activities, in the broader context of public sector involvement and innovation. Based in the Utrecht Region these connections are made with carefully selected partners in the region, nationwide and internationally. It is part of my work to establish and link these connections and have them support a challenging and stimulating educational environment that rewards curiosity and experimentation. Such an environment is essential for the growing creative artist and the budding creative entrepreneur. I have extensive experience in coordinating international educational and R&D projects and have a management as well as an artistic background. Keen interest in other cultures and their way of living, ability to communicate, influence and connect governmental policies to the planning and implementation of international projects.

Board Activity: I am secretary at Le Grand Cru, a Dutch organisation who creates international productions and professionalisation programmes with dance companies from non-Western cultures.

ELIA: Part of the HKU team that supported the development of ELIA when it was established.

Beulingstraat 8
1017 BA Amsterdam
The Netherlands

T: +31 (0)20 330 1116
F: +31 (0)20 626 7751

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