Benefits for members

ELIA is the only international multidisciplinary network for higher arts education with over 25 years of experience, representing approximately 300 major institutions in all arts disciplines. An ELIA membership offers several benefits, all of them powerful and far-reaching. 
  •  Advocacy 
  • Networking 
  • Collective knowledge 
  • Partnerships, Projects and Publications 
  • Support


Advocacy for higher arts education is certainly one of ELIA's core tasks and therefore one of the main benefits for its members.
ELIA has long established relationships with the European Parliament, the European Commission, the Council of Europe, national ministries and other major organisations in education and culture.
All ELIA members’ interests are included in ELIA’s influential discourse on cultural and educational issues in Europe. In addition, they can ask for support from the ELIA office and the ELIA network for advocacy actions on a local and international level.
The articulation of the value of artistic research is one of ELIA’s priorities. ELIA had a fundamental role in the implementation of the Bologna process in higher arts education institutions.


One of the most valuable benefits of becoming and ELIA member is the worldwide access to a well-established and vast network of peers. Opportunities to network, to identify potential partners for cooperation and to share experiences are at the core of being an ELIA member.
Since its foundation in 1990, ELIA cares about innovation and moving the discussion forward on a variety of topics relating to higher arts education. Through meetings, conferences and various other gatherings designed to stimulate reflection and critical thinking, ELIA established itself as a platform where fresh ideas emerge and knowledge is exchanged in a unique international and multidisciplinary context.

ELIA Biennial Conference: is the largest conference on higher arts education worldwide. It covers developments in the higher arts education sector at large and across disciplines, drawing an audience of approximately 500 directors, artists, teachers and thinkers.
ELIA Teachers’ Academy brings together lecturers from all over the world, presenting and discussing innovative working methods and practices for educating the new generation of artists.
ELIA Leadership Symposium is geared specifically to address the needs and interests of key decision makers in higher arts education institutions across the globe.
ELIA NEU NOW Festival is an innovative international platform and showcase for talented graduating students and recent graduates (within one year of graduation) – of higher arts education institutions and universities across Europe and beyond – to present themselves to a wide international audience. 
EQ-Arts Experts Workshops prepare participants to become reviewers in international review panels of EQ-arts and consequently experts that can serve on national agencies accreditation panels. The workshops provide insights in international standards and developments in the area of quality assurance and enhancement.

Collective knowledge

The ELIA office plays a key role in facilitating various resources to its members:
  • Contact info for members
  • Help finding project partners and funding
  • Research and access to ELIA’s database
ELIA encourages all members to share information with the network through newsletters, social media and their own websites. The ELIA website has become an authoritative platform for the higher arts education sector and offers its members the possibility to post job offers and event and project announcements. News on the developments in European policy and funding opportunities are updated regularly.

Partnerships, Projects, Publications

ELIA’s collective knowledge accumulated over many years and its strong network creates the ideal platform for cooperation and partnerships. Co-hosting events in close cooperation with member institutions provides a vital networking function. Members are invited to take part in various projects, research and activities centered on innovation in higher arts education, always in collaboration with arts discipline networks and other partners.

All ELIA members are eligible to propose projects labeled ‘under the auspices of ELIA’.
New projects are always in the pipeline, whether initiated with an eye to the interests of members or in response to opportunities created through broader educational policy development and programmes.
The outcome of every ELIA project and event, namely publications and documentations, is at the disposal of every ELIA member digitally on the website (Documents). Hard copies of these publications are distributed at ELIA events and additional copies may be ordered at a reduced price by sending an email to
Furthermore, ELIA is closely cooperating with various other networks and partners in the sector. 


The ELIA activities are designed to respond and cater to the needs of art schools at all levels. While leaders can focus on strategic discussions with peers at the Leadership Symposium, teachers can present and discuss best practices and innovative approaches at the Teachers' Academy; students can use the NEU NOW Festival to showcase their work to a wide international audience.
Furthermore, EQ-Arts is an initiative on quality assurance and enhancement, which ELIA members support with institutional and/or subject reviews by trained and experienced higher arts education experts.

If you would like to find out more about the different types of membership categories and how to join ELIA, please visit the Join us page.


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