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How to become an ELIA member


Thank you for your interest in becoming an ELIA member. ELIA is the only multidisciplinary network organisation for higher arts education in Europe and beyond.

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If you wish to become a member of ELIA please read the information below and then fill in the online application form.

For questions please contact ELIA Head of Communications and Membership Barbara Revelli at

Membership categories

All members receive the ELIA Newsletter with the latest updates and news from the network. Students from the member institutions are eligible to participate in artistic projects and festivals organized by ELIA. Furthermore, member institutions get a discount on all ELIA conferences, seminars, symposia and other events.

Full Members are normally European Institutes of higher education in the arts, providing advanced, degree or degree equivalent diplomas or courses of training recognised at the highest professional level. Non-European Member status is given to all institutes outside Europe that otherwise fulfil the criteria of ordinary full membership as stated in the statutes.

Non-European Members  have all rights equal to Full Members, except the right to vote. Non-European Members pay the membership fee according to the same criteria as Full Members.

Associate membership is open to institutions which don’t fulfil the requirements to be full member and to natural as well as legal persons.
The Executive Board on behalf of the Representative Board approves all membership applications.
All membership fees are per calendar year.
ELIA's membership fees are reassessed on an annual basis.
Please refer to the ELIA Statute for more details about the membership procedure and conditions.

Membership fees


The membership fees listed here below are current as of January 2016.

Full and non-European members


up to 250 arts students € 695
up to 500 arts students € 1.295
up to 1000 arts students € 1.880
up to 2000 arts students € 2.590
up to 4000 arts students € 2.825
above 4000 arts students € 4.200
Associate members € 650


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